Flame Peace S916

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GPTOYS RC Cars 38km/h Remote Control Truck Crawler Off-Road Monster 1:12 2.4 GHz 2WD S916 (New Version)

1:12 Scale 2WD Brush Off-road Truck
A New Category Of Off-road Excitement

All Terrain Off-Road RC Car

This RC car can drive on pavement, sand, mud, grassland, mountain road and other complex terrains.

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Powerful Feature

With powerful motor, this RC car can drive powerfully and high speed in all terrains.

All Weather

Its water proof function better shows its off-road performance.

You can play it outside on a sunny, raining or snowing day.

Please do not soak the car into water for a long time in case to damage the motor.

Innovative Design – Half Flip Cover

With the new innovative design of half clip cover for this S916 car,
you don’t neither worry that it will be trampled and broken, nor worry about missing the cover.

    Equipped with the powerful GP Brush 390 motor-largest in class/800mph battery/ smooth driving systems, the truck can reach speed: 26+MPH.
    The electronic board is designed to be semi-waterproof, it can run on water, but not a whole into the water.
    This 1/12 Scale 2.4Ghz 2WD High Speed Remote Controlled Car can be play in every terrain: dirt, sand, rock or mud because of its realistic all-terrain tires with foam inserts.
    The four wheels consist of bouncing spring materials which give support to unexpected dropping and the unstable surface of the ground.
    S-Truck suspension technology is better for the superior handling and control. It matches the 3rd version batteries of S911. Life-time technical support,90-Day free warranty (Man-made Damage not included).
    325 mm×265 mm×160 mm (12.80 in ×10.43 in ×6.30 in)
    Wheel Base:
    208 mm (8.19 in)
    Remote Control Range:
    80 M(262.47 Ft)
    26+ MPH
    Charger Types:
    UL, BS, CE, SAA
    Charging Times:
    2 - 3 Hours
    Playing Times:
    7 - 9 Minutes
    Manual Download:
  • 1 × GP TOYS Flame Peace S916
    1 × Manual
    1 × 2.4G Transmitter
    1 × S916 Charger
    1 × Lithium-ion Battery Pack
    1 × Phillips Screwdriver
    1 × Hex Wrench
    2 × Clip
    1 × Steeling wheel
    2 × Gear


  • 911-dj01


    (Includes Gear)

  • 911-dj02


    (9.6V 800mAh)

  • 911-dj03


  • 911-dj04

    2.4G receiver PCB

  • 911-dj05

    2.4G transmitter PCB

  • 916-sj01

    truck body

  • 916-sj03

    truck body bracket

  • 916-sj04

    front bumper block

  • 911-sj05

    rear bumper block

  • 911-sj06

    bumper link block

  • 911-sj07

    upper arm

  • 911-sj08

    hem arm

  • 911-sj09

    universal joint cup

  • 911-sj10

    headstock fixing piece

  • 911-sj11

    shock proof plank

  • 911-sj12

    front connecting rod

  • 911-sj13

    rear connecting rod

  • 911-sj14

    steering arm

  • 911-sj15

    rear gear box shell

  • 911-sj16

    truck chassis

  • 911-sj17

    front cover

  • 911-sj18

    rear cover

  • 911-sj19

    battery cover

  • 911-sj20

    battery cover lock

  • 911-sj21

    receiving plate cover

  • 911-sj22

    transmission gear

  • 911-wj01


  • 911-wj02


  • 911-wj03

    metal front transmission cup

  • 911-wj04

    metal rear transmission cup

  • 911-wj05

    differential cup

  • 911-wj06

    dog bones

  • 911-wj07


  • 911-wj08



  • 911-wj09



  • 911-wj10



  • 911-wj11


    (Gear Box)

  • 911-wj12

    hexagon nut wrench

    (Upgrade Part)

  • 911-zj01


  • 911-zj02

    front shield shock

  • 911-zj03

    rear shield shock

  • 911-zj04

    front steering engine

  • 911-zj05

    rear gear box

  • 911-zj06


  • 911-zj07

    12MM six angle connector

  • 911-zj08

    2.4G transmitter

  • 911-ls01

    countersunk head screw


  • 911-ls02

    countersunk head screw


  • 911-ls03

    countersunk head screw


  • 911-ls04

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls05

    countersunk head screw


  • 911-ls06

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls07

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls08

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls09

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls10

    countersunk headed screw


  • 911-ls11

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls12

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls13

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls14

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls15

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls16

    round-headed screw


  • 911-ls17

    round-headed screw


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