Rirder5 S609

1/16 Full Proportional 4WD Motor Sport Off-road ATV
Upgrade Version, Larger, Lighter and Faster

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Jump & Fly

The car included battery only weighs 711 g(1.567 lb).

When in high speed, this car can do perfect parabola movement from a slope.

Stronger & More Stable

With excellent independent suspension system and foam tires, the car can upspring instantly and reduce subduction force when falls on the ground, perfectly protecting the car.

An anti collision high speed RC car.

All Terrains

Chassis height difference is 35mm/10mm, you can play this car on bumpy ground.

It also can drive on flat roads, mountain paths, sand and other complex terrains, except under water.

Tires Design

Deep tires tread allows this car to drive on sand and smooth grounds, with stronger traction.

Hollow design inside the tires, showing the flexibility for the tires, reducing the rising and falling impact. With flexible and sensitive operation, you can play this car with more patterns and movements.

  • Length/Width/Height:
    285 mm×235 mm×125 mm (11.22 in ×9.25 in ×4.92 in)
    Wheel Base:
    175 mm (6.89 in)
    Remote Control Range:
    80 M(263 Ft)
    35 KM/H(22 MpH)
    White, Black
    Charger Types:
    USB Charger
    Charging Times:
    1 Hours
    Playing Times:
    16 Minutes
    Manual Download:
  • 1 × GP TOYS Rirder5 S609
    1 × Manual
    1 × 2.4G Transmitter
    1 × S609 USB Charger
    1 × Lithium-ion Battery Pack
    4 × Clip


  • 609-sj01

    Car body

  • 609-sj02

    Car body

  • 609-sj04

    Car body bracket

  • 609-sj05

    Front bumper block

  • 609-sj06

    Rear bumper block

  • 609-sj07

    Frort upper arm

  • 609-sj08

    Rear uupperarm

  • 609-sj09

    Front lower arm

  • 609-sj10

    Rear lower arm

  • 609-sj11

    Front steering cup

  • 609-sj12

    Rear knuckle

  • 609-sj13

    Shock proof plank

  • 609-sj14

    connecting rod

  • 609-sj15

    Car chassis

  • 609-sj16

    Rear gear box cover

  • 609-sj17

    Front gear box cover

  • 609-sj18

    Battery cover

  • 609-sj19

    Motor fasteners

  • 609-wj02

    Front CVD drive shaft set

  • 609-wj03

    Transmission cup

  • 609-wj04

    Transmission cup

  • 609-wj05

    Rear dogbone

  • 609-wj06

    Rear dogbone

  • 609-wj07


  • 609-wj08


  • 609-wj09


  • 609-wj10


  • 609-wj11

    Optical axis

  • 609-wj12

    (2.5×16 / 2.5×14)

  • 609-wj13

    Optical axis

  • 609-wj14


  • 609-zj01

    Steerrng arm set

  • 609-zj02


  • 609-zj03

    Shock Absorbers

  • 609-zj04

    5 wires servo

  • 609-zj05

    Main drive shaft assembly

  • 609-zj06


  • 609-zj07

    Electronic speed controller

  • 609-zj08

    2.4G transmitter

  • 609-zj09

    Front CVD drive shaft set

  • 609-dj01

    390 motor

  • 609-dj02

    Battery pack

  • 609-dj04

    USB charging cable

  • 609-ls01

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls02

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls03

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls04

    Countorsunk head screw

  • 609-ls08

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls09

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls12

    Round-headed screw

  • 609-ls14

    Round-headed screw

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