• GPTOYS H2O Drone

    The waterproof drone quadcopter that can fly in the rainy day!

    Waterproof Main-Board

    The circuit board comes with water resistant material, don't worry about the H2O aviax drop into the water accidently

    Cruise Control Demo

    GPTOYS H2O Aviax Chips

    Aviax's chipset is programmed with a cruise control procedure. Aviax is programmed to automatically save the last 40 seconds of its flying routes including any special movements, and can perfectly repeat the recorded flight during cruise control and return to its base. Aviax will record its last flight automatically and override previous flight, so your latest flight is always saved.
    Tech Support by Harbin Institute of Technology

    gptoys h2o aviax motor protector

    H2O Aviax Motor Protector

    gptoys h2o aviax body

    H2O Aviax Stripe

    The Stripes are denote the rear, also makes the body more fashionable and beautiful.

    H2O Aviax Battery

    25C 3.7V 650mAh, about 8-15 mins flying time!

    gptoys h2o aviax blades protector

    H2O Aviax Propeller Protector

    Add the propeller protectors will be good for beginners, the propellers are removable!

    H2O Aviax Propeller

    4 ccw propeller and 4 cw propeller, more spare propellers than others.

    H2O Aviax 820 Motor

    The H2O 820 rotors are designed and engineered to provide maximum thrust and quick acceleration, Specially-developed manufacturing processes ensure perfect balance for smooth, consistent performance.

    H2O Aviax Bracket

    Bracket help to cushion impacts, and to help Aviax stick the landings every time.

    Headless mode

    Cruise Control featrue

    Left-turn/right-turn trimming

    Throttle stick left/right turn

    3D flip button

    Vertical movement ascend/descend

    Power switch

    Power light

    2.4G Antenna

    Conversion key (20%、40%、60%、100%)

    Rudder stick forward/backward, left and right sideward

    Forward/backward trimming

    Leftward/rightward trimming

    Light control

    Video/photo mode

    LCD interface

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