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    GP TOYS S609 Rirder5

    Ride Small, Ride Strong

    I will pounce off-road ATV Champion.

  • GP toys s609 rirder5
    GP TOYS 4WD DRiver

    More Stable And More Rapid

    Rirder5, RC ATV comes with four-wheel drive system. Using one high-speed motor to power four tires to realize the ambition of high-speed driving. For front and rear axles, Rirder 5 adopts wheel differential. Differential design helps Rirder 5 to protect gears from high-speed driving. On the other hand, differential effectively brings up the wheel speed, and deals with variable speed of all kinds of bends and runways. One particularly of differential is that when one wheel stuck, the other three wheels are still working. It is this special design that highlight the car’s performance. It also avails advanced player to create more moves.
    * Now you may see the car is on-work.And you can click any tire to let the tire that you have clicked stop.
    Learn more aboat some specs

    Dangling situation
    GP TOYS Rirder5 GP TOYS Rirder5 4wd GP TOYS Rirder5 4wd GP TOYS Rirder5 4wd GP TOYS Rirder5 4wd
  • GP toys s609 rirder5

    30+MPH, Incredible Speed


    Differential is a component that can make left, right, front and rear driving wheel rotate different speed. It also can help two driving wheels maintain balance and avoid rolling over when running on the rough road or curve. According to the theory of minimum stream power, it also makes sure the speed of wheel axle to maintain balance. So as to increase the agility of turning and at the same time guarantee the speed.

    Lightweight Car

    The weight of the car is only 312.5g(with the battery). This advantage brings the truck’s full high-speed ability and enhances the performance of the truck. The chassis adopts the integrated and rectangle design, uploads the shock mitigation system. Besides, the model streamline design greatly reduce the wind resistance.

    Low Friction & High Grip

    Fabulous tread pattern greatly reduce the contact area, thus to reduce the friction. While this special pattern provides strong grip to the tires, helps the truck not easily to overturn or idling during the high-speed driving .

      Of course, it is not suitable for the ATV to running in the slippery floor. However, off-road terrain
      can bring up its ability of high-speed and stable.

  • GP toys s609 rirder5

    Special design, more fun and more resistant

    Has-useful materials, more solid

    Rirder5 S609 adopts the nylon engineering material. This kind of material has the excellent mechanical ability, durability, corrosion resistance and heat resistance. It helps the truck body to become more solid and flexible. This two abilities also make the truck more suitable for all kinds of terrains. At the same time, it also offer effective seismic capability and anti-collision ability.

    Equipped with special front bumper, more anti-crash

    Front bumper connects to the chassis as well as truck body. The distance between the chassis and truck body has under through specific calculation, can effectively disperse the force after crashing. Besides, the chassis and the truck body add bridge-type connection to help the bumper not easily deformed after crashing, to reduce buffer capacity, to protect bumper.

    Adopts excellent tire design, effectively reduce buffer capacity

    It adopts the soft and ductile rubber materials. This material has great elasticity. Middle of the tires is empty and fill in foam sponge. New kind of tire design effectively helps to reduce the buffer force and protect the truck body from damage after crashing and dropping from high place.

  • GP toys s609 rirder5

    Dancing Elves

    It has excellent flexibility, run like elves in the dance. It has strong stability, like a polite elf.


    The Servos module stabilizes the vehicle that enables straight running without offtrack.

    Steering Dual Rate

    Dual leverages are active for vehicle turning. For easy turns, we can adjust the speed of responding to the control in order to smooth the drive in curvy track. Vice versus, instant or sensitive response to steering control can be achieved for sharp turns through changing the leverage. This could also enable drifting tricks.

    Four Wheel Independent Suspension System

    The vehicle is equipped with independent suspension system, which enhances the driving torque. In addition, it improves the performance on many types of surfaces such as icing, slippery, and uneven. It offers sturdy capability for straight driving, turns, as well as acceleration.

    once we make sure the truck has perfect stability and flexibly, we can do some amazing moves like drifting around the curve or forward after flipping.
    Click here to watch the video that it shows how to play stunt with the S609.

  • GP toys s609 rirder5

    Easy To Removal and Replacement

    The connection between car accessories are cross screws. We make more simple and quick replacement parts.

    To replace tire

    To replace front/rear bumper block

    To replace damper

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